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ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] We’re With You from Start to Finish

ADA Compliance Team, Inc. is a team of professionals who know, understand, & specialize in Federal laws & California State Building regulations as they pertain to compliance established by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

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Confused about where to begin? Our team of experts can help you find answers to all your ADA compliance questions.
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Physical Site Review

Get a physical site inspection of your property by ADA experts to tell you where you stand today.
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Solutions Outline

ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ ACT ] reviews the findings of the ADA Inspection Report to map out a solution.
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ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ ACT ] has a team of vetted, qualified contractors available to upgrade your property  to ADA compliance.

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ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] can handle all aspects of your current situation!
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ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] has worked with countless business owners and their lawyers regarding Americans with Disability Act (ADA) lawsuits. We work with you and your attorney to determine what the claim is and how to get your property cleared of all accessibility problems. The best thing you can do is stay informed and proactive. We will come up with a plan that fits your budget to make your property ADA compliant, on your timetable.

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We Are Advocates For Business
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"Drive By" Lawsuit Prevention

We help businesses reduce their chances of being hit by the ever-increasing "drive-by" lawsuit and improve access for the disabled customers. We teach you about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the steps you can take to reduce the chances of being sued and/or helping with your current ADA lawsuit.

Discover Accessibility Issues

We evaluate your property or building plans and identify the accessibility issues. We also supply you with the compliance requirements specific to your property and/or business. We can also go one step further and perform the required construction for your ADA compliance modifications.

ADA Guidance

For years we’ve guided business owners, attorneys, property managers, property owners and Realtors in planning and upgrading their properties to be ADA Compliant.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Attorney Joseph Arias
Partner – Arias & Lockwood, APLC

“I have been practicing law nearly 51 years. I represent business owners in ADA-based disability discrimination lawsuits. In many cases time is of the essence because California law reduces, and in some instances completely eliminates, the liability exposure of small business owners who act promptly to remediate the ADA violations called out in a civil complaint. California law provides an incentive to small business owners to eliminate ADA violations quickly, within a limited time frame. I have been working with ADA Compliance Team and specifically Mike Prestonise and Craig Thomson for several years. What impresses me about the team is their high level of expertise in this complicated area of the law and specifically the ADA Guidelines and California Building Code, and their ability to respond quickly to perform a CASp survey, a report and perform the needed remediations, thus saving my clients lots of money. I highly recommend ADA Compliance Team, Inc.”

John B. Marshall, Esq.
Lewitt hackman

The ADA Compliance Team is my  first “go to” call when a client comes to me with a lawsuit claiming an ADA violation.  Getting a fast and reliable CASp inspection is absolutely essential in knowing how to deal with the lawsuit, as well as helping my client bring its property into compliance.  Inspections are done quickly, and useful and professional reports are generated immediately.  Mike, Craig and the entire team are always efficient, helpful and provide great advice and service. I highly recommend them.

Wayne and Michele Durose

We couldn’t have been any more thankful than when we found ADA Compliance Team, Inc. to handle our ADA Compliance issues. There is no way we could have completed this ourselves. Mike Prestonise and his team were always there from start to finish. Any questions we had were promptly answered and he always kept us in the loop as to where the process was. It was not an easy one to say the least. As frustrating as we all were at times, everyone was open and honest about the procedures and how the issues were being handled. We highly recommend Mike and his Company – ADA Compliance Team, Inc. - to anyone who is going thru this unpleasant experience with an ADA lawsuit as well as ADA Compliance issues.

Daniel C. Lawrence

I worked with the ADA Compliance Team on a very large and complicated tenant improvement project in Southern California. I found the ADA Compliance Team to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Their consulting effort made the ADA review and approval a breeze. Now that the ADA requirements become more and more difficult to navigate I will always rely on the ADA Compliance Team to review my future projects. I give them my highest recommendation.

Richard Green
Oceanside Harbor - Maintenance Supervisor

“I first learned about ADA Compliance Team, Inc. years ago when my then boss – Steve Rodriguez – hired them to do some ADA-related surveys at the Oceanside Harbor. I saw the quality of their work & their timely follow up which was impressive. They did many more surveys & we continued relying on their expertise and used many of the suggestions they brought forward. When I took over as Harbor Master I continued using them & will continue to do so. I highly recommend ADA Compliance Team, Inc. for any of your ADA issues.”

Bill Brace
Investec Management Corporation

I have worked with Craig Thomson & Mike Prestonise with ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] for over 11 years now. They bring a great deal of knowledge as well as professionalism to the table. I have used their skills for ADA Surveys, CASP Certifications, ADA Assessment and ADA Consulting.  They clearly and concisely provide me with pricing, report formatting, and clear cut details for ADA remediation. Many times my management team has needed an ADA-related question answered and ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] has always responded quickly to provide the details we need to move forward. Because of their excellent customer service, communication skills, and their knowledge of the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), CBC (California Building Codes), and the overall “compliance process”, I gladly  recommend Craig and Mike for any of your future ADA projects

Donna Leventhal
DL Design Architects, Inc.

“I have worked with Craig Thomson & Mike Prestonise with ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] for several years now. They are professional in every manner. On our very first project, and before they hired me, they clearly and concisely laid out everything they needed from me. All of their SOW (Scope of Work) are extremely comprehensive, easy to review and price accordingly. When I need to go to the various city building departments, I am intending to expedite my client’s permits as quickly as possible. Whenever I need ADA questions answered, “drawings”, or other data, ADA Compliance Team, Inc. responds quickly. To date, every project on which we collaborate is a “team” effort where communication is the key. Because of their excellent communication skills, and their knowledge of the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), CBC (California Building Codes), and the entire process of bringing a client’s non-compliant property into ADA / CBC compliance, I highly recommend Craig and Mike for any of your upcoming ADA-related projects”

Shireen B. Rogers

I have worked with the ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] for over 7 years and have found them to be professional, knowledgeable, detail oriented, accurate and thorough in their analysis of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the California Building Code. Their team at ACT is responsive to compliance inquiries and is also able to assist in solving compliance problems in innovative ways. ACT will even assist business owners to secure bids and multiple year plans to implement remediation that is financially feasible and readily achievable. My corporate clients and I rely heavily on ACT for the clients’ compliance needs and find them to be reasonably priced in performing CASp inspections and creating multiple year plans for ADA remediation. They also provide post remediation confirmation of compliance or disclosure of outstanding remaining violations which is helpful in securing the dismissal of the claims. ACT is key to settlement negotiations. I highly recommend ACT for any of your pending or upcoming ADA-related matters.

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Frequently Asked

Get Important Answers to Common Questions from ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT], experts in ADA Law, experienced in ADA Construction requirements, and staunch advocates for business and property owners.
What’s the minimum I have to do to get in compliance with ADA?

That depends entirely on the current level of your particular property’s compliance with ADA.

How much does it cost to obtain compliance?

Each property is unique and therefore needs to be surveyed, along with a complete site evaluation being completed prior to issuing a “cost to cure” or cost of compliance.

Can I really be sued if I don’t do anything to my existing property?


What if I am only a tenant am I still liable?


Once I have a site survey completed, does that get me “off the hook” with the ADA for a potential lawsuit?

Although it is a start and physical proof that you have addressed the ADA issues, there are many more steps necessary to compliance. The best “plan” is to have the survey completed, a list of non-compliant areas to be upgraded, and a timetable of implementation.

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