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Michael T. “Mike” Prestonise and Craig Thomson are experts in ADA regulations and strive to provide lawyers, business, and property owners with the information they need to make informed decisions to avoid ADA litigation as well as fees, penalties, and large fines!

Michael T. "Mike" Prestonise

VP – Business Development

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Michael’s background includes more than 30 years of experience in business and construction. He has worked with companies of all sizes, from privately owned to government agencies.

He believes that understanding the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements is the first step towards becoming compliant. He advocates for and educates attorneys, business owners, and property managers on how to avoid litigation using their proprietary FTPs (Formal Transition Plans). He is an ADA Workshop & Seminar Leader and has coordinated ADA Resource Fairs. He is also a Licensed Business Consultant and Certified Coach.

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Craig Thomson

VP – Operations

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For more than 35 years, Craig has owned a successful construction company in Southern California. More than 16 years ago, he, and his wife Ingrid, co-founded ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT]

He saw the need for business owners to understand the oftentimes complicated ADA Compliance standards, regulations, and rules, as well as ways to implement them. Craig is a California State Licensed Contractor (License #: 433404) as well as a Licensed International Code Council Accessibility Inspector and Plans Examiner (License #:159987-21). Additionally, he is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Expert and ADA Workshop & Seminar Leader.

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Ingrid Thomson

Owner & President

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Ingrid Thomson’s background in construction and telecommunications, coupled with her leadership and organizational skills, led her to pursue the creation of ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ ACT ].

After months of due diligence, exhaustive research, and numerous conversations with contractors, consultants, and other business associates, Ingrid launched the Company. She quickly realized that compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was not only mandatory but being strictly enforced on the Federal and State levels.

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About Us

ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT]

ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] was founded in 2006. We have served hundreds of clients in the Southern California region, providing surveys and assessments to properties all over California and many other US states. We help lawyers, architects, property owners, and corporations understand what needs to be in place to achieve ADA compliance so they are protected from litigation and have peace of mind.

We are experts on the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for design and construction of public accommodation facilities. We understand the real issues surrounding design and construction of ADA-compliant elements i.e., disabled parking, paths-of travel, restrooms, signage, etc.

ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] stays up to date on the latest ADA compliance and building code standards. In addition, many public accommodation facilities need upgrades on basic commonly-known provisions for the disabled such as ramps, elevators, door widths, number of required accessible parking, etc.

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Get The Assistance You Need To Satisfy The Complex ADA Requirements

ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] is here to assist you in all areas, from site survey, to repairs, and even through total compliance construction. Our in ADA compliance and accessibility requirements takes the load off your shoulders.


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Working with ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] has many advantages:

CASp, ICC, & ADA Site Surveys with Customized Reports that are easy to read and understand
Experienced in all aspects of the construction industry with emphasis designing creative solutions to correct ADA non-compliant properties
Create, implement, and administer budget-friendly multiple-year Formal Transition Plans
ADA architectural plans review
Provide ADA expert witness for court cases
Advocates for businesses and property owners

Our goal is to help people understand there are very few leniencies when it comes to ADA laws, rules, and regulations.

Unlike with many other businesses and industries, ADA is very strict. When you are sued, by law, you must prove that your property is ADA-compliant or settle the lawsuit. We urge people to contact ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] so we can assess the property and provide a list of ADA elements that are or ARE NOT ADA-Complaint.
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